Crazy in Biloxi

from by Glenn Nuotio

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A lament for Hurricane Katrina , hangovers, and racist evangelicals. Recorded at Gallery Recording Studios in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


© Glenn Nuotio 2010

We’ve got all night
with just these bright stars to guide us
or we could stay in all day
and dry our eyes and pray
Thank God
(I don’t care who hears me say it out loud, I’ll say it again)
Thank God I wasn’t born this way
Thank God
I’ll never have to be this crazy in Biloxi

To fend for myself in goddamn Mississippi
waiting for days
for a sudden flood of armies
they say they’re coming forth to carry me
they say they’re coming forth to carry me far
far away from my home
Sure, their guns can keep me safe
if I do what they say
I might still end up
dumped like a corpse
in a pitch black Superdome

but swing low,
I don’t see anything in my way
sweetest of all,
I’m a Northern boy
pale as the moon above and
all these stars
in the bright sky above us
warning us to stay away
wipe your morning eyes and pray
Thank God
(we’re getting by on more than natural selection)
Thank God
(it’s been years since I’ve had to use protection)
Thank God
Thank God
Thank God I wasn’t born this way
and I’ll never have to be
this crazy in Biloxi


from The Gallery Floor - EP, track released December 12, 2010
Glenn Nuotio - piano , vocals
Fiona Rutherford - harp
Martain Pearson - double bass
Patrick DeDauw - cello
Mark Matz - guitar
Randy Innes- drums

Guest Vocals on "Crazy in Biloxi" by Elizabeth Bruce.

Recorded by Dean Watson
Gallery Recording Studios

Mastered by:
Phillip Victor Bova
bova sound
Ottawa Canada




Glenn Nuotio Ottawa, Ontario

Half-Finnish, Newfoundland-born, arrives in Ottawa via St. John's, Oxford & Montreal. Mixing fragility, tantrum, chamber music & folk, Glenn's "gentle & bombastic", "unnervingly complex pop" Capital Xtra! says "he channels it through an indie musician's paper heart. The results are invariably stirring." ... more

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