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Doctors are pesky creatures in the wrong light, I'm told.
Why let something like cancer mess with your sexiness?


Drape Me
© Glenn Nuotio

Drape me with any old thing
just in case a little modesty decides to show up after all
just in case it looks like I’m enjoying this
holding myself up on this old chair
after all you’re the one who called me in here

and my skin might start wanting
something more than just a quick inspection
and I’m the one instead
playing dead besides a list of questions
what if I pulled this sheet
down from your head
and told you to take your time,
just listen to my breath?

drape me with any old thing
just in case in a week you have to come back
without even my asking
like another set of tests they only hand you with a hush
you may not get through this round
but I can’t pass it up
‘cause each shot’s worth the rush

and you pressed on
pushing past that victory mark on your face
and the promise you were clear
and we hate you disappeared
like that mark each time you blushed
and you left us
never so happy pressed for nothing but a little more time

because I’ve grown so tired of charts
being all I’m told to read
besides, by now there’s nothing more
about me I want you to see

so cover it up for now at the very least
admit it’s on your mind for too long
don’t be the kind who prays for your own diseases
so cover them up for now , at the very least
let me rest my head across your knees
and find any old thing please to drape me.


from The Gallery Floor - EP, track released December 12, 2010
(c) Written by Glenn Nuotio

released 12 December 2010
recorded in Ottawa 2009
Gallery Recording Studios

Mastered by Bova Sound

from The Gallery Floor - EP, 2009

Glenn Nuotio - piano , vocals
Fiona Rutherford - harp, ukulele
Martain Pearson - double bass
Patrick DeDauw - cello
Mark Matz - guitar
Randy Innes- drums




Glenn Nuotio Ottawa, Ontario

Half-Finnish, Newfoundland-born, arrives in Ottawa via St. John's, Oxford & Montreal. Mixing fragility, tantrum, chamber music & folk, Glenn's "gentle & bombastic", "unnervingly complex pop" Capital Xtra! says "he channels it through an indie musician's paper heart. The results are invariably stirring." ... more

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